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The Lasallian Family

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The LSU Family

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The Lasallian Family designates all those who participate in the Lasallian educational enterprise, especially those who are moving toward a sharing of the spirit and the mission of St. John Baptist de La Salle.

(42nd General Chapter, Circular 415, Proposition 3, 1993, p. 49.)

We are a member of a world-wide network of institutions dedicated to provide holistic and human education to the young, especially the poor. Together with 15 other schools and universities in the country, we have been at the forefront of Philippine education for the last 100 years. As one Lasallian family, we continue the mission of teaching minds, touching hearts and changing lives.  You can be part of our family.

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Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand

Schools: Luzon: 10,  Visayas: 3, Mindanao: 3,
Supervised: 29

938,960 Students


1,049 Schools


4,485 Brothers

153,122 Students


70 Schools


150 Brothers

101,341 Students


16 Schools


69 Brothers / 10 communities

Lasallian institutions are found in
over 80 countries.

We are an educational institution with a special history. We are who we are today because of the five religious congregations that have nurtured and guided us over the years: the Jesuits, the Recollect Fathers, the Columban Fathers, the Columban Sisters and the De La Salle Brothers.


While the Jesuits established and shepherded the first Christian communities in Northern Mindanao in the 1700s, it was the Recoletos (Recollect Fathers) who started the parish of Immaculate Conception and the small parochial class which many see as the seed of our school in 1879.


The Jesuits' returned in 1929 and, through the efforts of Fr. Gabriel Font SJ, formally established the Immaculate Conception School in 1929. Thirty students were part of the first class.

1940 saw the turnover of the school to the Columban priests (the Missionary Society of Saint Columban). A year after, the Columban sisters were put in charge with Sr. Francis de Sales as the first directress. They start the high school department with ninety students in the first year level. Their supervision of the school is interrupted by World War II. After the war, the sisters resume their work and they start building up the college with the establishment of the following programs: Liberal Arts, Commerce, Education, Home Economics and Secretarial Studies.


Br. Martin Simpson FSC was asked to be supervisor in 1990. The De La Salle Brothers take over fully in 1994 and the institution's name is changed to Immaculate Conception College - La Salle. The school was renamed La Salle University in 2006 after its application was approved by CHED.

“The spirit of this Institute is, first, a spirit of faith, and secondly, an ardent zeal for the instruction of children.

A true spirit of community shall always be evident and preserved in this Institute.(Rule of the Brothers of the Christian Schools)




"Let us remember that we are in the

most holy presence of God."

"I will continue o my God to do all

my actions for the love of you."

"Live Jesus in our hearts